Do you have dull or outdated lighting? Would you like to see what you’re eating, what you’re reading or if there’s a wild bear in your backyard?

How about adding a little color to each room?

Let us introduce you to some of the many lighting options available to improve the quality of your living and work space.

Brighten up that kitchen!

Brighten up that kitchen! There’s nothing more inviting than a well-lit kitchen during meal prep or baking followed by a subtle ambiance to enjoy a nice bottle of wine.

We can do away with the old box fluorescents, low voltage lighting, inadequate fixtures, and install LED lighting that will increase lighting by 300%.

Add under cabinet lighting to increase task lighting and eliminate dark corner areas.

It’s also a nice upgrade to add or increase lighting in closets, pantries, open shelving, and display areas.

We can install lighting above your cabinets to create a warm ambiance at night when you are ready to relax and enjoy the evening.

Spruce up your outdoor living space!

Spruce up your outdoor living space!  Consider landscape lighting, deck lights or patio lighting. Whether you’re looking for more light,  different colored light, or security lighting, we’ve got you covered! Create a warm, inviting environment for friends and family to enjoy!

Illuminate your garage and storage areas with LED task lighting. Turn the lights on or off automatically with motion sensors or timers. Eliminate the old lamp holder fixtures and spiral fluorescents that take forever to warm up and let us install lighting you can work with.

Add the final touch to your entertainment areas

Add the final touch to your entertainment areas with RGB color changing light bulbs, recessed cans, and rope lights! Add color to your wet bar, theater room, kids bedroom and living areas.  Create the perfect play area, party zone or add your artistic flare by adding a splash of color!

We have a wide variety of lighting solutions for residential and commercial applications. 

We will also install your new light fixtures, ceiling fans and electrical circuits.

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