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How to know the best time of replacing bathroom’s exhaust

A bathroom’s exhaust fan typically lasts around ten years if it receives proper care and regular maintenance. If you want your exhaust fan to last a long time, then keep it clean and do not keep it switched on unnecessarily. However, there will be a time when maintenance and repair will not cut it, and you will be forced to replace your bathroom’s exhaust fan.

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If your fan has not stopped working yet and you are unsure about whether you should get it replaced or not, then below are a few pointers to help you know when it is the right time to replace your fan. No one has that Eureka moment abut fan replacement, and changing your bathroom’s exhaust fan before its life is out is a waste of money.


Fan Makes A LOT Of Noise

Does your exhaust fan make a lot of noise? Does staying longer than a few minutes in your bathroom give you a headache? Do you want to stop this noise pollution? Then it is time you got your bathroom’s exhaust fan replaced.

A little noise is normal for exhaust fans. However, if your bathroom’s exhaust fan is making more noise than it usually does, its motor is about to die.


Your Bathroom STINKS

Your bathroom’s exhaust fan’s job is to remove all unpleasant odors so you can do your business without gagging and can leave a fresh smelling bathroom for the next person using it. If your fan needs to be replaced, it will stop doing its job properly, which means your bathroom will stink badly.


Air Is SO Humid

When your bathroom’s exhaust fan is about to die soon, a big indicator is a rise in humidity levels in your house, especially your bathroom. Steam from hot showers and the constant running water causes humidity levels to rise since no air is being expelled through the exhaust. 

If your humidity levels are rising, you need to take immediate action; otherwise, there might be mold growth, which can take a toll on your family’s health and wellness. Also, removing a mold problem requires professional assistance, which means additional costs.



Is your exhaust fan a real eyesore in the bathroom? Has it crossed the ten-year threshold? Will a newer model change the look of your bathroom? You must have visited a lot of bathrooms, whether at a friend’s house or a mall. We all have. Be honest. Does your bathroom’s exhaust fan look ancient? Your bathroom can finally come to the 21st century with the rest of the house. It can belong. You just have to replace the fan.

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