Backup Generator Costs: Your Complete Guide to Reliable Power During Outages

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Power outages can be quite a hassle, but having a whole house backup generator can really make a difference. It ensures your family stays safe and comfortable even when the lights go out. 

According to a 2024 report by Oberlin College and Conservatory, 14% of U.S. households have invested in a whole house generator 

Therefore, if you live in a hurricane-prone region or simply want to prepare for unexpected blackouts, here’s a complete guide on getting a backup generator for home. 

Backup Generator Types and Cost 

When it comes to house generators, you will usually find 3 types: 


A propane-powered emergency generator for home can cost anywhere from $500 to $5000. They burn clean and are easy to connect to tanks you might already be using for heating. But if you have a portable one, you must store it safely. They can also be noisy, like generators that run on gasoline, but that’s not a deal breaker!  

These generators are best for people who already use propane and want a clean-burning choice. 

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Diesel Home Backup Generator

Diesel generators range from $2,000 to $20,000 and are known for their dependability and durability. They require a reliable fuel source and are noisier than the other options. This type of generator is best for users who prioritize long-term reliability and don’t mind the higher cost or noise level. 

Natural Gas 

Natural gas generators are a convenient and user-friendly option. They don’t come with fuel storage worries because they’re connected to your gas line. However, they do require professional installation by a licensed electrician. Also, the fuel cost depends on usage and gas prices in your area. This backup generator option is best suited for users who look for convenience and are okay with the installation cost or noise level. 

Now that you know the different home electric generator types, let’s get to the main topic… 

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What is the Cost of Backup Generator Installation?

The cost of a generator installation depends on several factors, including the labor cost of local electricians, permit fees, the size of the generator, and other factors.  

Here’s a breakdown of the installation cost of a home electric generator: 

Electrical Service and Labor Charges 

This is an important cost to consider. The price you pay for an electrician can vary based on where you live and how much experience they have. You might pay between $1,500 and $5,000 for the labor of installing a whole house electric generator. If the installation is more complicated, it could cost even more.

Generator Size

Larger generators may require more extensive electrical work and additional materials, leading to higher installation costs than smaller generators. 

Concrete Pad

Most generators need a solid concrete pad to operate safely. The cost of getting one is usually between $50 and $75 for each square foot. The bigger your generator, the bigger the pad needs to be, so it will cost more to install. 

Permits and Inspections 

Depending on the rules in your area, getting permits and inspections may add an extra $50 to $200 to the total cost. Make sure to reach out to your local building department to find out about any specific requirements.

Pro Tip

It is always advisable to go for professional electrical companies for generator installation.

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Reliable Electrical Service for Backup Generator Installation 

If you’re looking for an electrician near me, reach out to licensed residential electricians who offer professional installation and backup generator services 

After the installation, it is really important to regularly get your generator checked to ensure it works well and keeps your home safe from electrical problems. 

Key Takeaway

Getting a home backup generator might cost a lot initially, but it will give you peace of mind and keep you comfortable during power outages.  

In this guide, we have discussed the different types of generators, their fuel source, and a breakdown of their installation cost. 

Moreover, it’s important to have a licensed electrician install your generator safely and properly. This, combined with regular maintenance, will keep it working well when you need it the most! 

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