Turn Up The Heat: 5 Ways Getting A Hot Tub Installed Improves The Quality Of Your Health

Turn Up The Heat: 5 Ways Getting A Hot Tub Installed Improves The Quality Of Your Health

We all want a hot tub in our backyards. A way to relax after a long day at work – or a nice romantic soak with your beau. Sounds amazing? Well, it is.

In fact, we would recommend getting one installed now at your home in Firestone, CO.

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Yet, no matter how badly we want our own hot tub, we end up stalling, plagued with doubts. After all, like the rest of us, you too must have heard some scary stories about the diseases you can catch from hot tubs, including rashes, hives, legionella, and folliculitis. However, there are two sides to every coin.

Public hot tubs are a risk, not private ones. And secondly, hot tubs have a ton of health benefits that are not taken into account due to misinformation or basing opinions on incomplete information. So let us educate you.

Five ways hot tubs improve your health:

All the things listed below are tried, tested, and proven.

Counters insomnia

A lot of people today suffer from mild to chronic insomnia. Our busy, fast-paced, and unhealthy lifestyles result in sleepless nights.

Not getting a good night’s sleep can leave us feeling tired and drained, both physically and mentally. However, if you aren’t getting sufficient sleep for a while, this can manifest into bigger problems.

Hot tubs have proven to be effective in helping people fall asleep. According to the scientific journal, Sleep, soaking for two to three hours at 102 degrees before bed, can help unwind and reset your body’s thermostat, which induces a peaceful slumber.

Reduces stress

Perhaps the biggest problem being faced by people in their lives today, that also has their health in shambles, is stress. Whether it is due to work pressure, FOMO, or kids, you have to admit that stress has now become a permanent fixture in all our lives.

Stress can result in mental health issues, like anxiety and depression, and physical ailments like high blood pressure, insomnia, etc.

An effective way you can de-stress is by taking out some me-time away from work, worries, and devices. Technology has us continuously occupied. Leave your phone and soak in the hot tub for a few hours for relaxation and mindfulness.

Make this into a habit, and you will see how all pieces of your health and life start falling in place.

Helps with arthritis

The benefits of a soak in warm water is something people have sworn by for centuries. Warm water counters the effects of arthritis by reducing the swelling of the joints and relieving pain.

If you are suffering from chronic pain as a result of injuries from an accident or have from back pain due to your poor posture, soaking in the hot tub will help with that too.

Rejuvenates the body

A long soak in the hot tub diminishes fatigue, making you feel like you are floating on a cloud, like the weight of a thousand tons was just lifted off of you.

Apart from rejuvenating the body and mind, hot tubs also rejuvenate your beauty. It opens up your skin’s pores, which allow the release of toxins from the body, leaving your skin glowing. Also, it reduces the excess oils being produced, which give your hair a greasy look, leading to bad hair days.

Fights against cardiovascular problems

Soaking in a hot tub from the neck down helps regulate blood flow in the body by bringing up the body’s temperature. Also, reduced stress and better blood circulation help the body fight against several cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure, clotting, and even heart attacks.

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