Why Consider A Lighting Upgrade

Why Consider A Lighting Upgrade

Let’s face it; bad lighting is nothing but morbid. While there is a slight difference between bad lighting and outdated lighting, both at one point come to coincide and affect your mood, eyesight, and wallet.

It’s hard to know when it’s time to get a lighting upgrade, which is why people don’t usually opt for one until renovations, after which it can be overshadowed by the other changes done around the place.

One thing is for sure; a lighting upgrade is usually worth it. Unless you get those too frequently, which is a highly unlikely possibility, so click here to book an appointment with Leading Edge Electric for a lighting upgrade in Firestone, Colorado.

How long has it been since you upgraded your lighting system? Years? Decades? Below are a few reasons why it is finally time to get a lighting upgrade.


Not investing in a new lighting system or buying cheap bulbs may seem appealing, but they cost more in the long run.

Old bulbs and tubes have a short life span, which means you will have to spend more on lighting inventory and maintenance cost. Also, old lighting generally provides less light for more watts, meaning it has a higher electrical consumption, resulting in higher utility bills.


New lighting is more energy-efficient, which means it will provide more light than old lighting, and that too for less energy. And lower energy consumption means a lower carbon footprint or environmental impact. By upgrading to more energy-efficient light, you save the world’s resources since most countries today still use non-renewable resources to produce electricity.

Aesthetic appeal

One thing is pre-established. Getting a lighting upgrade will make the place brighter, which will increase its aesthetic appeal, and give it a welcoming look resulting in people wanting to spend more time there. It will create a happier environment.


Dimly lit outdoors like a dark porch or front entrance increases danger. Less light means lower chances of identifying perpetrators, giving them the confidence to commit more crimes. Even if there are no signs of imminent danger, people feel more secure going to a well-lit place. A dark interior or exterior inculcates a sense of dread in people.

Mental and Physical Impact

Lighting can have a great deal of impact on a person’s health, both mental and physical. The most common result of old and dim lighting is eyestrain, squinting, and focus, which result in headaches, migraines, and eyesight problems.

Reading or focusing on objects in a dark structure also causes neck, back, and shoulder strain. Of course, we cannot miss the fact that it also results in many accidents – people trip over things a lot, bang into furniture, skip a step on the staircase, and fall.

Multiple studies and general observations have shown that bad lighting directly affects our mood, productivity, and energy levels and causes depression.

The solution to all of these problems is getting your lighting upgraded. Do not waste time. Act now.

Leading Edge Electric offers lighting upgrade and installation services to homes and offices in Firestone, Colorado. Click here to book an appointment.