Why You Should Upgrade Your Lighting With LED Fixtures

Why You Should Upgrade Your Lighting With LED Fixtures

Lighting upgrades offer both practical and aesthetic benefits.

If you are planning to upgrade the lighting in your home or office in Fort Collins, Colorado, we suggest that you go for LED fixtures. At Leading Edge Electric, we offer the best lighting upgrade services in town (click here to learn more).

From eco-friendliness to reducing your electricity costs, here are some of the major benefits of upgrading your lighting with smart LEDs.

Save Energy

To start off, smart lighting installations allow you to control the brightness of your lights remotely. You can even turn on automatic settings. This results in significant energy savings.

Smart LEDs can also be optimized to adjust brightness depending on how much natural light is present. This reduces your electricity bill, while also increasing the lifespan of your lighting fixtures, adding to long-term cost savings.

Improve Safety

When your lights are too bright or too dim, it makes it hard to study or work in front of a computer. With smart lighting upgrades, you will be able to control lighting in different areas of your home or office, so that you can perform any kind of activity efficiently and safely.

You can also install motion sensors, which automatically turn lights on/off when you enter or exit the room. This again improves safety as you don’t have to fumble in the dark looking for the switch!

Moreover, with lights turning off automatically, you will benefit from further cost savings.

Make your life easier

Moving on, smart LEDs offer a lot of conveniences. These smart-systems can be controlled with your mobile. And as already mentioned, you can set schedules for all your lights to adjust automatically during the day.

This also helps you make a monthly budget as you can an accurate idea of energy usage in your property.

For more efficiency, you can install features like smart buttons or voice recognition.

Save Time

Another benefit of smart lighting systems is their ease of installation and customization. Compared to traditional lighting systems, smart LEDs can be installed quickly. No rewiring is needed because smart LEDs depend on wireless technology.

All these are excellent reasons for upgrading your lighting and making them smarter. While you can upgrade your lights any time, there are a couple of situations that call for an LED lighting upgrade.

For example, you can consider upgrades if your building is over- or under-lit. While dim lighting is undesirable, excessive luminance is also an annoyance. So you can consider smart LED lighting if your building is over lit.

Poorly maintained lights also need to be replaced. Over time, old lamps and fixtures accumulate dirt and dust, which makes them dim. However, they keep using the same amount of electricity. So if you are planning to replace old and dirty fixtures, consider upgrading them with LED lights.

It is also possible that you already have smart systems in your property, but it may be old technology. Lighting technology and equipment have remarkably improved in the past two decades, and you can benefit from upgrades even if you are already using LED lighting.

So that’s about it. If you live or work in Fort Collins, Colorado, reach out to Leading Edge Electric for all your lighting installations and upgrades. Click here to book an appointment.