6 Signs You Need To Change Your Electrical Panels

6 Signs You Need To Change Your Electrical Panels

Electric panels lie at the heart of a building’s electrical system. These panels channel power from the grid to bring electricity to your home or office building.

The panel also contains circuit breakers that keep excess electricity from burning your gadgets and appliances in the event of a power surge. That is why your electrical panel needs to be in the best condition to protect your appliances, as well as to keep you safe from electrocution and even electrical fires.

Here are the top 5 signs you have an old or faulty service panel that needs to be replaced or upgraded.

Oh, and before we move on, always remember that only a professional should handle any work on the breaker box. Click here to reach out to Leading Edge Electric for the safe and reliable electrical panel replacement and repair services in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Let’s now talk about some instances when you may want to change your electrical panels.

1. Constant Tripping

Tripping circuit breakers is one of the first warning signs that your service panel isn’t working fine. An old or worn-out service panel is susceptible to power surges, and you may find yourself resetting the breakers several times a weak.

Your circuits may also be tripping if your appliances require more electricity beyond the capacity of the panel. This is another reason to change your panel.

2. Circuit Breakers Don’t Reset

When a breaker trips, resetting it can solve the problem. But if the breaker trips again after a few moments, or if resetting fails to restore power, that’s another sign of a faulty electrical panel. 

3. Outdated Panels

If your breaker box is still operating with Federal Pacific Electric (FPE), Zinsco panels, or any panels that are more than 20 years old, you need to get them upgraded right away. Old panels often fail to cut off power and trip properly where there is a power surge or short circuit. This can lead to electric fires when there is too much current.

4. Leaking Water

Moving on, you should also call an electrician to inspect your panel if there is water leakage. While professionals show up for repairs, you should make sure that no comes near the area. Moreover, if you notice rust stains or corrosion on the wiring, it may be a sign that the panel has already been exposed to water.

5. Burnt Wires

Exposed wires in your electrical panel are susceptible to burning. So be on the lookout for charring or burn marks around the circuit breakers. You may also notice a burning odor coming from the panel. If you notice any of these signs, you should immediately call emergency electrical services. 

6. Appliance Upgrades

Finally, you may need to upgrade your electrical panels if you are getting a new washer/dryer or any other large appliance. This is easy to do if the panel already has room for a new circuit. Otherwise, a subpanel may need to be installed.

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