Smoke Detectors: Where To Place Them & When To Replace Them

Smoke Detectors: Where To Place Them & When To Replace Them

Smoke detectors are essential components of home safety. This is especially true with modern furnishings that catch and spread fires much more rapidly. 

However, smoke alarms can only keep your family safe from fire hazards if you install them correctly, maintain them regularly, and replace them periodically. Failing to do so can prove hazardous for your home. 

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In this blog post, we will discuss the best practices for installing smoke detectors in your home. You will also learn when to replace old and faulty fire alarms. Continue reading to increase fire safety in your living space.

Where To Place Smoke Detectors

When it comes to installing smoke detectors, you have to cover all spaces possible. Areas to install smoke alarms include:

  • All bedrooms
  • Common areas
  • Places outside the bedrooms
  • Living or family room
  • Basement 

Smoke detectors should be placed on the ceiling as smoke rises. If you are mounting alarms on a wall, there should be a distance of 12 inches from the top of the smoke detectors and the ceiling.

If the ceiling is pitched, the smoke alarm should be installed at least four inches below the peak. Other areas of the house where fires can start include the laundry room and kitchen.

However, smoke detectors should be placed 3 meters from cooking appliances to reduce false alarms.

Where NOT To Install Smoke Detectors

Now that you know where to place smoke detectors, it is also necessary to understand where not to install them:

  • On windows or sliding doors
  • In areas with moisture or humidity (such as bathrooms)
  • In dusty areas 
  • In cool places like porches or sunrooms
  • Near vents or ceiling fans

Smoke Detector Maintenance

Once you have installed smoke detectors, it is necessary to maintain them to ensure they work on time. It is recommended that you check your fire alarms each month to ensure they are working fine. Many smoke alarms have a test button that lights or sounds when pressed.

You should also clean your smoke alarms and vacuum them at least once a year. Dirt, debris, and other particles can interfere with the proper functioning of smoke alarms. Also, avoid painting or decorating your fire alarms in any way, as this can prevent them from detecting smoke.

Smoke Detector Replacement 

Finally, you should know when to replace the smoke detectors in your home. On average, a smoke alarm lasts up to 10 years.

Check the installation date for each smoker so you’ll know when to replace them. However, you should replace batteries of your smoke detectors regularly, at least once a year.

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