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12 Feb, 2024
Posted by: Michele Rutt
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How to check home wiring? Is the Wiring Grounded?

For homeowners residing in structures built before 1955, understanding the state of your home’s electrical wiring is paramount for electrical safety and functionality. Many homes from this era may not have grounded electrical systems, posing significant risks. The Importance of Grounding in Electrical Safety Grounding an electrical system is vital for several reasons: Safety: Grounding […]

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05 Feb, 2024
Posted by: Michele Rutt
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Risks and Best Ultimate Solutions for Houses with Aluminum Wiring

In the mid-20th century, specifically between 1965 and 1975, aluminum wiring was a popular alternative to copper in residential electrical systems due to its cost-effectiveness. However, as time passed, the risks associated with this type of wiring became evident, leading to a need for specialized electrical repair in Denver and other areas where such wiring […]

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