Why Are My Lights Flickering? Here Could Be Some Reasons

Why Are My Lights Flickering? Here Could Be Some Reasons

Electrical issues are the worst. You can’t take any risks with them. Nor should you ignore them. DIY repair is also out of the question without a relevant degree or experience.

The only option you are left with is calling a professional. However, finding the right professional for the job in Windsor, CO, is like searching for a haystack needle. Leading Edge Electric is the solution to all your electrical problems. Click here to book an appointment with an expert.

Do not even ignore flickering lights. Something as small as flickering lights can be an indicator of a more significant underlying issue. Let’s look at some reasons why your lights might be acting up.

Causes of flickering lights:

Faulty wiring

A loose connection, broken electrical wire, or faulty and decrepit wiring can all cause lights to flicker. This means very soon a live wire might come loose, two main wires might get too much load, or something bigger might happen.

Lighting issues

A more harmless root cause for your flickering lights might be a partially unscrew light bulb, or a light that is about to fuse. However, if this is the case, the light will go out very soon.

Voltage fluctuations

In uncommon cases, an uneven supply might be coming from your electrical company. In which case, others in your area or building might be suffering from the same issue. Keep your energy service provider’s number saved on your phone.

Till the supply is low, there is not much to worry about. However, sudden surges in power can burn the wiring; appliances might catch fire, circuits can melt, and more.

Increased consumption

If there is an appliance or machine hooked that requires high electrical power consumption, other appliances and lighting might not get enough power, causing flickering.

Circuit problems

If lights and appliances hooked to the same circuit are giving trouble or affecting only one room, then the circuit is probably malfunctioning.

Bad fixture

A faulty or inferior quality fixture can result in flickering lights. Invest in high-grade quality fixtures that will last you a long time. Aside from the rather grim possibilities, a bad installation can fuse all your bulbs.

The solution to flickering lights

In the case of flickering lights, the first thing to do is pull the breaker or cut off the supply from the main.

Next, you need to call a professional or an electrical repair service operating in Windsor, CO. Place a call to Leading Edge Electric or click here to book an appointment. Make sure that all parts used in the repair are of the highest quality, even if they cost slightly more.

All in all, don’t ignore the flickering lights. If ignored, it can result in something as small as a fused bulb or something as big as an electrical fire.