4 Ways You Can Childproof Your Home Electrically

4 Ways You Can Childproof Your Home Electrically

Whether you’re about to embrace parenthood or soon to welcome your grandchildren, it is essential to ensure that your house is electrically childproof. It is no easy feat to prepare your house for toddlers since the natural curiosity of children is always heightened.

Electrical safety needs to be practiced and taught in every household since people may face potential drastic risks. Stats from the Electrical Safety Foundation International show that, on average, seven children in the US get injured from unprotected electrical outlets.

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Parents need to proactively invest in precautionary measures to protect their children from unpleasant accidents. Following are the four ways through which you can childproof your house electrically:

1. Keep All Electrical Appliances Out Of Reach

Your kitchen is that part of the house which is greatly equipped with electrical appliances. It may contribute to a wide range of electrical dangers, so it’s better to prep it first. It is best to keep all the benchtop surfaces free of cluttered appliances like toasters and blenders. Store the appliances in cupboards, which should be under lock and key. Also, secure all the power outlets meticulously.

2. Hide Or Cover Up Your Power Cords

It is very typical to have power cords all over the house but not safe when you’re about to welcome little toddlers. Power cords withstand daily wear and tear, so it’s wise to cover up the wires under a carpet.

As homeowners, you should also ensure that any cords with damaged insulation should be replaced at the utmost priority. Inspect the power cords for fraying so that you may promptly get the repairs done. Cable clips can also be used to organize the cords.

3. Invest In Electrical Outlet Caps

Children, and especially toddlers, are always unexplainably fascinated by power outlets. They are high possibilities of your grandchild poking fingers or spoons inside the electric sockets, which may cause electric shocks.

You can cover sockets using protective outlet plugs or socket covers. The covers cannot be easily removed by a child since they require much strength that only an adult could muster. You can also use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) along with socket covers. GFCIs are very sensitive to electrical flow and automatically shut down if they detect a surge.

4. Barricade Dangerous Parts of The House

One of the best ways to childproofing your house is by fencing in the parts of your house that involve the use of heavy tools and electronics. Fence in the laundry area or block off the garage so that your toddler or two-year-old would not hop off to such danger zones within your house.

You can invest in safety barriers or fencing gates that help restrict access to such parts of the house.

While it’s crucial to childproof your home electrically, you should also train yourself with general safety and accident response information. Consult and hire Leading Edge Electric in Fort Collins, CO, to help childproof your home. Book a quick consultation by clicking here.